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Christmas Gift Boxes

Treat someone special to one of our eco friendly and sustainable gift boxes this Christmas. Perfect for women and men of all ages. All our gift boxes are plastic free and full of planet friendly products from our Irish makers and independent brands.

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  2. Faerly Gift Box Oxmantown Hydration Heroes Skincare Gift Box
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  4. Nobó Chocolate Chocolate Large Bar Tasting Pack - Nobó Dairy Free Creamy Chocolate Bars (80g)
  5. Faerly Gift Box Hairy Face Skincare Gift Box
  6. Faerly Gift Box The Ultimate Sustainable Home Gift Box
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  8. Faerly Gift Box Irish Makers Clean & Fresh Gift Set
  9. Faerly Gift Box Sustainable Home Starter Kit
  10. Faerly Gift Box Oxmantown Citrus Handcare Gift Box
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  12. Oxmantown Gift Box Oxmantown Rejuvenating Hand & Body Gift Box
  13. Three Hill Soaps Soap Three Hills Soaps Gift Box
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  14. Roza Natural Cosmetics Skincare Roza Glowing Skin Beauty Box
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  15. Roza Natural Cosmetics Skincare Roza Facial Serums Set - Hyaluronic Acid & Retinol
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  16. Faerly Gift Box Daddy Cool - Father's Day Gift Box


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