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Amazinc! Mineral Butter SPF 30+ - Vegan & Plastic Free Sunscreen - 70ml

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A natural creamy, vegan sun cream with a buttery texture that melts into the skin, Amazinc Raspberry Butter has an SPF 15.

This reef safe sun cream gives effective protection, yet is harmless to marine life and the planet. Key ingredients such as almond butter help soothe dry skin, while the Amazinc Mineral Shield Light provides natural sun protection.

  • Blocking UVA / UVB
  • Also suitable for children (0+)
  • NON-NANO (Reef Safe)
  • Contains probiotically active substances
  • Vegan
  • Size: 70ML

Let this light, fast-absorbing cream protect your skin from daily exposure to UV radiation.
Mineral Butter is a soothing light cream, designed for protection from the sun and at the same time for everyday use as a moisturizer or as a base under makeup, because its soft pink color blends perfectly with the skin. The contained vegetable oils (almond, pistachio, olive), olive squalene and vanilla extract strengthen the skin's natural protection, ensure water resistance, so you can have it with you wherever the day takes you.
Like Mineral Sunscreen, it is created with the new ViewlessZinCare technology with mineral and natural UV filters with obvious UVA/UVB protection, NON NANO, ie without nanoparticles and in the UNCOATED version of zinc oxide.
The butter is vegan and suitable for the whole family, including the little ones.


About our Maker

Founded in 2015, Amazinc! produce simple, natural and functional skincare that’s gentle on your skin as well as the environment. Amazinc! sunscreen and bodycare products are packaged in recyclable aluminium or cardboard.  Sun and UV protection comes from clear zinc oxide, which reflects harmful rays. Meanwhile natural oils like jojoba, almond and olive oil keep your skin hydrated. With all the ingredients being completely natural, Amazinc! is coral kind and safe for the ocean as well as your family’s skin. You’ll notice many lines in the Amazinc! collection are also vegan friendly, making them perfect gifts for animal lovers. The sunblock from Amazinc! is highly waterproof, so it’s ideal for watersports like surfing and paddleboarding where the sun reflects up off the ocean, but is also great for snowsports like skiing and snowboarding too. So whether you need sunscreen and sunblock for an upcoming holiday, or want some tucked away for the sunnier days at home, Amazinc! is an all natural, plastic free option you can trust.

Ingredients: Almond butter (Almond Oil, Olive Squalene, Hydrogenated Pistachio Oil), Mineral Shield LIGHT (Magnesium oxide, Zinc oxide, Mica143018), Vanila Planifolia fruit extract



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