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Aventurine Facial Massage Set with Roller & Gua Sha - Glow Circle

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The Glow Circle Aventurine Facial Massage Set takes its foundations from ancient Chinese healing. These facial massage tools are made from 100% ethically sourced Aventurine, also known as Indian Jade.

The Aventurine Facial Massage set helps breathe radiance into the skin. Traditionally used to reduce signs of ageing, the gentle stroking action of this trusted tool increases blood circulation to refine, tone and smooth skin.

The  Aventurine Facial Massage set work to relieve tension and help to better absorb your facial products. When you perform these techniques consistently, you will see glow-boosting benefits.

  • Improves skin elasticity and eliminates toxins
  • Improves blood circulation and skin tone
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces puffiness and wrinkles and dark circles
  • Helps with sinus relief

Aventurine Facial Massage Set 

  • 1 x Glow Circle Aventurine Jade Roller 
  • 1 x Glow Circle Aventurine Gua Sha 
  • 1 x Ecofriendly 100% GOTs Cotton Washbag


Gua Sha Aventurine Jade Facial Tool

The Gua Sha is a natural premium aventurine jade stone with its foundations in ancient Chinese culture. Due to the Gua Sha's  powerful circulation boosting powers, it is able to improve the appearance of the face and skin and release tension throughout the body. The Gua Sha helps to reduce puffiness of the skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Aventurine Double Facial Roller

The Jade Roller improves circulation and vitality, helps to freshen, depuff, reduce the appearance of fine lines and enhance skin luminosity. The gentle massaging motion of the jade roller helps your face to maintain a firmer surface while supporting the lymphatic system for effective detoxification. The jade roller can also promote more efficient absorption when it comes to applying your products.

          Please note that as the stone is naturally occurring, each tool will be unique and may vary in colour and size. The stone is naturally cool but pop it in the fridge for a few minutes for extra cooling benefits

          Why we love Glow Circle - After becoming a mother and struggling to make time for her own self-care and well-being, Glow Circles founder Stefanie started to lose her glow. Juggling the pressures of being a working mum led to skin problems like dry skin, eczema flare ups and hyperpigmentation caused by hormonal breakouts. Struggling to find products which supported her own ethics and values whilst embracing her skin type in an inclusive manner, Stefanie decided that to get her glow back, she would need to take matters into her own hands. Inspired by natural plant-based remedies passed down from her grandmother and mother, and formulated with skincare industry experts and chemists, Glow Circle products are designed to support both your inner and outer health, pouring goodness into your skin to promote glow health benefits using plant-based ingredients.



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