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English Breakfast Tea Tin 100g - Petra Mora

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Without a doubt, this is one of the most consumed teas in the West. With an intense aroma and flavor, it gives us a cup of red/copper color and contains an extra supply of theine that's vital to start the day off well. It is ideal accompanied by a little milk and sugar.

Origin: Sri Lanka.

Ingredients: Black Tea (100%)

Nectaran's fine tea selection is from Petra Mora. This vibrant, home-styled delicatessen lies in Madrid’s Barrio Salamanca. Renowned Basque gourmand Mikel Zeberio roamed the Spanish countryside, gathering its finest produce and iconic recipes, and uniting them under a single banner with a fresh and vivid packaging makeover. Spanish gastronomy varies from region to region but is united by the spirit of sharing. A meal typically begins with jamón and semi-cured cheese, transitions into heavier staples such as tortilla and then perhaps an arroz con sepia (rice with cuttlefish). These are just a handful of the 600 products lining Petra Mora’s shelves.



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