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Exfoliating Pumice Stone on a Rope - Natural Lava

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This natural lava pumice stone with the cotton rope is naturally sourced from the heart of a volcanic Greek island. Use the stone to exfoliate your feet and remove dead skin cells for much smoother and softer feet. This light yet abrasive natural volcanic pumice stone helps to effectively smooth painful calluses on your feet and body.

  • 100% natural pumice stone
  • Made from real volcanic stone
  • Exfoliates rough skin on feet and heels
  • Removes foot calluses and dry skin
  • Natural way to soften and smooth heels

Natural pumice stones are ideal for exfoliating hard skin on feet, elbows or other troublesome areas. Great for kids inky fingers or exfoliating feet this useful pumice stone comes with a handy cotton rope attached.

Always use wet. Soak your feet in warm water for 5-10 minutes to prepare for a relaxing pedicure treatment at home. Soaking your feet softens the rough skin. Complete your luxurious treatment by soaking in a warm bath with the stone on your knees, elbows, and feet.

Apply your favorite natural foot oil or cream afterward. Allow the stone to dry after rinsing it. Avoid using on sensitive or broken skin.

This is a natural product so comes in various shapes and sizes. Approximately 6 - 10 cm long, 5 - 6 cm wide. 



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