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Flameless Essential Oil Diffuser Stone - Bengal Rose

  • €25.00
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This lovely flower-shaped diffuser has a natural wood base. This passive essential oil diffuser is small and compact, making it easy to move from room to room – or further afield. To use, simply place three to five drops of your favorite essential oil to the stone and let the aroma slowly fill your space, lifting you up or calming you down.

  • Acacia wood base
  • No electricity or flame needed
  • Perfect for bedtime, desks and baby's room
  • No candles, cables batteries or chargers needed
  • Essential oil sold separately
The Bengal Rose capillary diffuser is a unique handmade piece of sculpture. Just ass a few drops of essential oil to the petals to fill your room with fragrance. Like how a flower draws water through its stem, this diffuser fragrances your space in a natural and no-toxic way.

The fragrances from essential oils have different effects on the body and spirit. To be able to scent every room exactly as you wish, scented stones are an outstanding option. The Bengal Rose diffuser is not only functional, but with its flower design and wooden support, it's stylish as well. The plaster flower absorbs essential oil and releases the fragrance gradually. This model uses cold, passive diffusion, which has no need for heat or electricity and preserves the therapeutic properties of the essential oil.

Made from grey ceramic on an acacia wood base, the flower is wonderfully effective at absorbing and releasing scent. Inspired by nature, the flower sits in its own wooden tray, a minimalistic design perfect for the office, bathroom, nursery or nightstands.

This diffuser is much safer than one that requires electricity or a flame, particularly for use with essential oils to help you sleep.

How To Use: Place several drops of essential oil onto the flower, no need to dilute. Repeat as needed.

Care Instructions: If surface of the flower becomes dusty, brush with a dry brush or clean gently with a vacuum cleaner using the upholstery attachment. Avoid water or soap as the surface is porous and any water or dirt can be absorbed into the plaster. 



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