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Hand-Carved Coconut Wood Cooking Utensils - Set of 4 - Huski Home

  • €17.95
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These hand-carved eco-friendly coconut wood cooking and serving utensils are made from coconut trees that no longer bear fruit.  By utilising this material that would otherwise be discarded, we help to reduce unnecessary waste.

These coconut wood utensils are perfect for everyday cooking use, serving your meals, and more.

Product Specifications

  • Utensils range is size, as they are handmade, and can be around 30cm long
  • Please note, as these are a natural product, the utensils you receive may differ slightly to the one pictured.
  • Care for your coconut wood cutlery by lightly oiling them regularly. You can use coconut oil or any other natural oil of your preference.

Huski Home is a family-run business that creates helpful eco-friendly homewares out of natural waste such as rice and coconut husks.



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