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Iris Hantverk Loofah Soap Cushion - 100% Natural Loofah

  • €10.00
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Soap cushion made of 100% loofah. This natural loofah is grown from a plant is related to cucumber and zucchini. The Loofah is organically and sustainably cultivated in Spain. No spraying is used and irrigation is from natural rain and recycled thermal water. During manufacture, no chemicals are used, with only 43-degree thermal water is used to soften the fiber.

The soap cushion is made of natural loofah. Use it to keep your the soap dry and can also be used to wash the sink because water and wet soap are collected on the underside of the soap cushion.

  • Weight 7g
  • Length 12,5cm
  • Width 8,3cm
  • Height 0,3cm


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