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Iris Hantverk Oil Treated Birch Swedish Stiff Pan Brush, Union Blend

  • €21.00
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The handmade Pan Brush from Iris Hantverk combines functionality with stylish design. The brush is made of union mixture, a very strong material that is perfect for cleaning all sorts of pans and pots. The handle is very comfortable to hold. The light birch wood feels very Scandinavian.

Individually hand-crafted in Sweden from union blend fibers and oil-treated birch, this short-handled brush features a rounded shape, hand-turned handle, and shorter-on-the-bottom bristles for efficient cleaning of even the heaviest soiled dishes and pans. 

  • Material: Birch, union mixture.
  • Height: 12,5 cm.
  • Width: 8 cm.

Iris Hantverk's wood and natural fiber brushes are made in Sweden today much like they were in the late 19th Century: every brush is meticulously handcrafted by a visually impaired craftsman. Only the finest natural and ethically sourced materials are used to create a collection of items that are both beautiful and functional.



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