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Iron & Velvet - Plastic-Free Soluble Cleaning Sachets Starter Pack - 5pk

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A plastic-free, no fuss alternative to household cleaning, these water soluble sachets are ideal for those seeking a nature friendly and zero waste solution.

Made from naturally derived plant extracts and materials, including pure essential oils wherever possible.

This box includes a set of water soluble concentrate sachets, ready to dilute with water in a reused spray bottle, glass jar or one of our reusable spray bottles.

5 x cleaning products per box 

  • 1 x kitchen surface cleaner (Mango)  (KN003)
  • 1 x bathroom surface cleaner (Orange & Ginger) (BR001)
  • 1 x oven cleaner (Fragrance-free) (KN005)
  • 1 x glass and mirror cleaner (Apple & Mint) (HH006)
  • 1 x floor cleaner (Sandalwood) (HH007)

Save packaging waste and resources, these plastic-free cleaners have a low carbon footprint and work well in your bathroom and kitchen.

Each box is packed in sustainable cardboard which is plastic-free and sustainable. These refillable cleaning products are made with sustainable ingredients based on plant extracts and pure essential oils and haven’t been tested on animals.

Each box contains 5 cleaning products. Plastic-free, Low waste and antibacterial. Sustainable, Plant-based, Natural, Reusable, UK base, Cruelty-free, FSC certified cardboard packaging.

How To Use

Iron and Velvet plastic-free cleaning products are water-soluble so you just need to add the sachets to 500ml (or 250ml for oven and floor cleaners) of lukewarm water and shake to get started. The sachets take a few minutes to fully dissolve with a bit of shaking. Using hot water they’ll dissolve quicker but you may find the cleaner is a little hazy, don’t worry, it will still work



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