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JiBee Tongue Cleaner - MyMouth

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The JiBee’s origin comes from ancient Ayurvedic practices, where the routine of cleaning your tongue was seen as an essential part of a healthy daily routine for general health as well as oral health. This still stands true today. The word JiBee, means tongue cleaner in Sanskrit language from thousands of years ago, and even today in India a JiBee has its place in every household.

  • 100% plastic free
  • Reduces bad breath
  • Fights gum disease
  • Gets rid of harmful bacteria

A unique tongue cleaner like no other. JiBee improves oral health by removing harmful bacteria from your tongue. Used regularly it can help improve taste, reduce bad breath and help fight gum disease. 

Designed by dentists for convenient use at home and created with a unique soft Silicone Grip handle design. JiBee is easy to use, comfortable and effective. Stainless steel design with a unique soft Silicon Grip handle design, its easy, effective and comfortable to use by ages 12+.

Dimensions: 2cm (D) x 17.5cm (H) x 10cm (W)

Net weight: 90g



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