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Set of 3 Little Birds - Polochon & Cie

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A family of three small cute wooden birds handmade from beech heartwood. The 3 birds box includes a pretty pencil holder, a treasure box to hide your secrets, a jewel or a small tooth and a photo holder.

  • Handmade in France
  • Made from untreated beech wood
  • FSC certified wood

These 3 small birds with a sensory design will help stimulate the imagination of your little ones, they will be their confidants during playtime and will become the imaginary characters of their stories ...

"Big Bird" Pencil holder : diameter 7.5 cm and height 11 cm. It has three holes 45 mm deep. The two outer holes are tilted outwards and the central hole is straight so that the coloured pencils turn into a pretty tail.

"Middle Bird" Treasure box : diameter 6.5 cm and height 9 cm. It has a curved hole in the back of oval shape 30mm deep to hide its secrets, its treasures or its small teeth while waiting for the little mouse ...

"Little Bird" Photo holder : diameter 6 cm and height 7.5 cm.  It has a slot 40mm deep and 3mm wide in the back.

Polochon & Cie is a french brand who advocate for positive education and their decorative objects are all inspired by the Montessori method (educational pedagogy based on the autonomy and confidence of children to facilitate their learning, so the 'Little Birds' allow children to:

 Discover the world at your own pace through observation, imagination and play

 Encourage autonomy and enjoyment through simple and sensory ergonomics

 Create your own reassuring "cocoon", without over-stimulation



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