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Stuff Happens! : Manage your clutter, clear your head & discover what's really important by Emma Gleeson

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Life is messy, and sometimes so is your space.

As a reformed hoarder turned professional declutterer, Emma Gleeson knows how easy it is to be overwhelmed by stuff. Stuff Happens! is her life-changing guide to getting a handle on your stuff and reclaiming your peace of mind.

'What I LOVE about it is that it not only addresses the emotional and overwhelming part about decluttering, but also talks about doing it RESPONSIBLY' Aisling Bea, Instagram

Stuff Happens! is full of practical advice on . . .

  • what to keep and what to chuck (responsibly)
  • how to shop (especially if you struggle with a fast fashion habit)
  • how to organize (however tiny your space)

Stuff Happens! is packed with clever room-by-room pointers and ingenious tips and hacks.

Not only that, it will change your relationship with stuff forever. By putting you, rather than some dream of minimalism, at the heart of the process Emma explains that it's natural to have stuff and easier than you think to stop it getting out of control.

Filled with aha moments from Emma's and her clients' lives, and fantastic tools for making lasting change, Stuff Happens! will transform both your space and your headspace - so that you can focus on what's really important.

“This book is such an antidote to the Insta perfect trend of tidying and organising that you see on shows like Get Organised on Netflix. There's no big 'this will change your life' set of rules here but that's what makes it so good - it doesn't pretend to give simple answers to the very messy and emotional questions surrounding what we own and how we keep our homes. That said, Emma Gleeson has worked with lots of people to find storage and decluttering systems that work for them so there's loads of practical advice, examples and case studies. She doesn't say what will work for you, but she certainly gives you the tools to try and work it out for yourself. If you are already well-read on neoliberalism, environmentalism, fast fashion, body image and self-esteem then some of the information on those topics won't be new to you but maybe connecting those issues to the things you own and how to store them will be.” Reader Review on Goodreads

'Genius! Stunning and thought-provoking' Laura de Barra, author of Gaff Goddess

'So well thought out, practical and personal' Emer McLysaght

'Simply brilliant. I find myself returning to it again and again' Hilary Fannin

'Fab! As a total hoarder and un-organiser, Stuff Happens! is what the doctor ordered' James Kavanagh

'Not just practical, I loved how brilliantly Emma explained the psychology behind so many common problems we all have in dealing with our stuff' Daniella Moyles, author of Jump



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