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Warrior Botanicals Sunshine Facial Nectar 30ml

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A light and enlivening moisturiser with a skin-enriching blend of plant oils that have been infused using the traditional folk method over two moon cycles with sustainably wildcrafted yarrow, elderflower, tulsi, calendula, oxeye daisy and dandelion flowers.

Use daily for a vibrant, supple and glowing complexion and protection throughout the day.

Apply 4-10 drops to slightly damp skin after cleansing each morning and massage in until absorbed.

The healing properties of oils have long been used in body and skin care, carrying botanical benefits that nourish, soothe and care for us deeply. To use our facial oils apply 4 - 10 drops, depending on your skin type and the season, to clean and damp skin. Facial oils are best applied after cleansing or washing your face. A small amount is needed for all day protection. Suitable for all skin types.

“The Sunshine oil is hands down my favourite facial oil I have ever used! It’s soothing, rich, and has calmed my angry winter skin.... it’s like a little bottle of summer for your face. My skin has been more supple, and balanced since I’ve started using it. It doesn’t give you a greasy feeling like most facial oils, instead you can feel it seep in, protect and work it’s magic. The scent and packaging are amazing, and I love the glass dropper. Would 10/10 recommend to all skin types and all skin routines” Katie

Warrior botanical products are handcrafted in small batches using the purest herbs, flowers, herbs, extracts, essences oils and butters. Our potions are inspired by traditional herbalism and ancient folk remedies and everything that we make is organic and free of preservatives, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, parabens and sulfates. Each batch may vary in colour and texture, which is the nature of small batch products made with wild ingredients.



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