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Tabitha Eve - Cotton Reusable Menstrual Pad - Trellis

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These incredible reusable, washable, cloth menstrual pads are handmade from organic cotton, hemp & bamboo. These pads are almost 100% plastic free and fasten with a metal stud presses. Made from super soft bamboo, Pul (a breathable waterproof fabric which is not plastic free), Hemp & Cotton. Vegan-friendly & cruelty free

They are suitable for all flow types and come in short, midi and long. 

  • Short: 9" / 22.5cm
  • Medium: 10.5" / 26.5cm
  • Long 12.5" / 31.5cm

Caring for them is easier than you might think! For gently used pads, rinse and put them in with your regular laundry load. For heavily soaked pads, or to avoid staining, pre rinse in cold water (never hot) to wash out as much blood as possible then add to laundry. It is always best to not allow your pad to dry out before washing to minimise staining. They can also be used as incontinence pads.

We love Tabitha Eve because founder Debbie Rees works with a local team of sewists (sew + artists) to create beautiful and functional reusable textiles, from make up wipes to dish cloths. Debbie believes in being kinder to the planet we live on. She's waging a personal war against wastefulness and plastic pollution and we're here for it! All products are 100% plastic free and use ethically sourced and organically produced fabrics.



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