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Tio Electric Toothbrush Heads – 2 pack

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The TIOMATIK Electric Replacement Heads are made from plant based plastics made from sugar cane, and bristles made from castor oil.

They are compatible with most brands of rotating electronic toothbrushes. They have been designed to be used with the Braun and Oral B electric toothbrushes. Except the Sonic toothbrush. 

The shaft and housing of the TIOMATIK Electric Replacement Heads are made of plant-based plastic with sugar cane as its main component. The rotary disc is made of cellulose mix while only the axle consists of a fossil based technical plastic. This is required due to the high mechanical stress on the head.

The TIOMATIK plant based replacement heads come in 2 colours and has 4 different coloured rings for identification.

  • Compatible with BRAUN and Oral-B (Not Sonic)
  • Coral & Glacier in colour
  • Castor oil bristles
  • 2 colours and 4 different coloured rings for identification

Contents 1 Pack: a pack with a total of 2 push-on heads

  • Medium bristle size
  • Color combination (rings): coral / glacier
  • Made from resource-saving, plant-based materials
  • Castor oil-based bristles
  • Suitable for many common models (* details see below)
  • Packed plastic-free in the FSC-certified box
  • Compatible with current Oral-B® rotary electric toothbrushes.

* Compatible with the following toothbrush models:
Pro, Trizone, ProfessionalCare®️, ProfessionalCare®️ Smart Series, Healthy Clean®️, Vitality®️, Pro-Health®️, Oral-B Triumph®️, AdvancePower.
(Oral – B®️, ProfessionalCare®️, Vitality®️, Healthy Clean®️, Pro-Health®️, Oral-B Triumph®️ are registered trademarks of Procter & Gamble Business Services Canada Company.)

Made in China by German company TIO, who have a passion for sustainable dental care products. They redesign commercial dental care products to be more eco-friendly and all made using natural materials. Innovative and hygienic the environment will smile with TIO.




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