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Tio - Plant Based Vegan Dental Floss

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 Vegan, plant-based dental floss with mint and organic coconut oil.

TIO floss is plant-based, made with castor oil, natural mint essential oil and waxed with organic coconut oil; so it is naturally anti-bacterial. Floss the eco way and take care of your teeth and gums, and our planet.

  • 50m, waxed
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Sustainable
  • 100% recyclable minimal packaging
  • FSC certified cardboard box 
  • Made in Europe

Unboxing the Tiofloss from TIO on Vimeo.

Remove plaque between teeth and below the gumline before brushing. Take about 50 cm, wrap the ends around your fingers, and take a fresh section of the floss for each tooth gap.

 Naturally antibacterial! TIO vegan dental floss is made with castor oil yarn, flavoured with natural mint oil and waxed with organic coconut oil. What's great about this floss is that it is fully recyclable and with using renewable, vegetable raw materials it saves CO2 and improves your carbon footprint.

The castor oil yarn is made from 100% renewable raw materials and is based on castor oil. It’s extracted from seeds of the fast-growing wonder tree. Castor oil is a completely renewable resource that does not require large amounts of water, uses only a small acreage of farmland and is therefore perfectly suited for a future of sustainable agriculture.

Made in Italy by TIO, who have a passion for sustainable dental care products. They redesign commercial dental care products to be more eco-friendly and all made using natural materials. Innovative and hygienic the environment will smile with TIO.





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