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Warrior Botanicals Faerie Facial Balm 60ml

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A deeply nourishing + hydrating facial balm infused with hawthorn blossom, rose, pink yarrow, chickweed, chamomile, marshmallow root,  hibiscus, honeysuckle, comfrey, lemon balm + marshmallow for two moon cycles in oils of camellia, rose hip, borage and raspberry seed to offer softness and moisture to your skin.

Essential oil free, suitable for all skin types. Imbued with the magic of flowers. 

To soften your skin with Faerie Facial Balm, wet face with warm water which opens your pores prepares your skin for soaking up nourishment of the carefully curated plant oils and herbs. Mist with floral water of your choice and gently massage a few drops of serum or pure oil into your skin. Then gently massage a small amount of Faerie balm into your skin using clean fingers.

Faerie works to seal in the moisturizing goodness of the waters and oils while allowing your skin to breath, which results in a soft silky complexion that is protected from the weather and wear of the world. Faerie works especially well with Titania Serum.

All Warrior Botanicals products are handmade in small batches by founder Réidín Beattie in her herb and botanical studio in West Cork. Ingredients are sustainably sourced and many are foraged locally in West Cork, Beeswax and raw honey comes from a local homestead, oils from small suppliers and non wild herbs from trusted growers. Réidín never uses synthetic ingredients, preservatives, even natural ones or needless hardeners, thickeners, fillers, surfactants or cheap alternatives to wholesome ingredients.

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