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Aarke Sugar Free Flavour Drops for Sparkling Water - Black Raspberry

  • €12.95
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The Aarke Flavour Drops are designed to eliminate the need for heavy, store bought, bottles of flavoured sparkling water. They provide a delicious, sugar free, refreshing alternative. 

Black Raspberry gives a deep berry flavour with a perfect balance of sweet and tart. A single bottle supplies approx 40L of flavoured sparkling water.

  • Comes in recyclable glass
  • Supplies about 40L of flavoured water
  • Zero calories
  • Sugar free with no artificial sweeteners

Directions for use:
Add 5 drops of Flavour Drops to a 200ml glass of flavoured water

Store opened bottles at maximum 8 degrees celsius

Unopened bottles can be stored at room temperature

Founded in 2013, Aarke is on a mission to re(de)fine the home appliances industry. In a category of products that has been forgotten by the design community, Aarke merges made-to-last quality, premium materials and a unique design approach.



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