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Our Principles

This is how we aspire to build our new business sustainably while staying true to our values.

  1. We believe in a simple and honest approach to business. We believe that today's business model of extreme consumerism is broken. We want to be a positive force for change and impact the world in a meaningful way. We want to create a sustainable business that supports a network of other small Irish makers and ethical brands.

  2. We want to do our part to reduce the huge levels of unnecessary plastics and chemicals in our environment. We want to inspire people to live a simple and more considered life, choosing functional products that are made to last, are beautifully designed, ethically sourced, contain no nasties and as much as possible are plastic free, reusable or recyclable. We firmly believe that choosing products like these will enhance our customers lives while being kind to our environment. After all, there is no planet B.

  3. We’re in business to improve lives. We want to be an inspiring, approachable and positive force for good. Meeting our customers where they are at right now and gently helping them make small positive steps that are right for them. We’re not perfect ourselves. We favour progress over purity and we won't preach or lecture, respecting that everyone is on a different path and at a different stage in their journeys. Small changes lead to big things. 

  4. We aspire to be a carbon neutral company. We source local products as much as possible to minimise the distance they travel. We offset the carbon footprint of all our product deliveries and web hosting. We aim to operate our space efficiently and use resources responsibly. We use solar power during daylight hours.

  5. We push ourselves to be a zero-waste company. We ship all orders in plastic free and sustainable packaging printed with plant-based inks.  We recycle or reuse everything we can. We email receipts instead of paper packing slips.

  6. We believe in ethical sourcing. We prioritise working with small local and Irish producers as much as possible, especially handmade producers. We also work with a small number of international suppliers, mostly Scandinavian, who share our values. We have a strong preference for products that carry the Fair-trade mark.

  7. We believe in an equal and inclusive society. We commit to treat all our customers, suppliers and employees equally regardless of colour, creed or gender. We are proudly part of the LGBTQ+ community. Black lives matter. 

  8. We are a cruelty free business and will not stock any products tested on animals. 

  9. We aim to sell products made from natural ingredients from brands we believe in. That means no parabens, phthalates, SLS/SLES and unnecessary synthetic fragrances or preservatives. If a product must contain palm oil then we insist that it’s sustainably certified. We prefer organic only ingredients but we don’t insist on this as organic doesn't always mean sustainable - we look at our suppliers’ overall ethos. 

  10. We give back to our community. We plant a tree with every order. We donate 1% of our gross sales to 1% for the Planet and we volunteer in our local community.