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Our Story

We're James & Eoin, the founders of faerly

We live in Kildare, Ireland with our chickens and our cat and our aim is to help you to live a simpler and more considered life.

James started his sustainability journey living in Copenhagen more than 20 years ago when faced, for the first time, with what were to him completely foreign objects - recycling bins! He has aspired to the Scandinavian way of life, their respect for nature and their humble worldview ever since.

Eoin grew up surrounded by Irish bogland and spent his summers cutting turf, watching tadpoles grow into frogs and listening for the first cuckoo of the season. His passion today is protecting wildlife and biodiversity. Since learning they are the world's greatest natural carbon stores, he now appreciates the bogs of Kildare even more.

We started Faerly to do our part to help reduce unnecessary chemicals and plastics in the world. 

We’re passionate about supporting local and Irish makers and we're inspired by the Scandinavian concepts of Hygge (life moments brimming with happiness, comfort, loved ones, favourite things, beautiful places, savouring the present moment and the good life) and Lagom (not too much, nor too little, just right).

Over the years we’ve made more and more sustainable changes in our own lives and it's made us happier and healthier.

We believe in helping others to make small, positive changes that are both life-enhancing and kind to the environment. 

Together we can make a difference.