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Imse Vimse

Imse Vimse was founded by Marie Walleberg in Sweden 30 years ago after discovering cloth nappies were the cure for her daughter's painful nappy rash. Not being able to find good quality cloth nappies easily she decided to make here own and Imse Vimse was born. Her ethos today is the same as it was then, create good products that matter and make a difference in the world. Today provide functional, environmentally friendly and affordable textile products for children and women worldwide.

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  2. Imse Vimse Period Care Pink Hoop Imse Vimse - Cloth Sanitary Pads - Regular/Active - 3pk
  3. Imse Vimse Bathroom Reusable Tissues - Organic Cotton - Natural - 5 Pack - Imse Vimse
  4. Imse Vimse Nursing Pads Imse Vimse - Nursing Pads - Flowers - Pack of 6
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