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Essential Oils - Discover therapeutic properties of essential oils & create your own blends - Neal’s Yard Remedies

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Written by experts at Neal’s Yard Remedies, this book will show you how to improve your wellbeing and troubleshoot common complaints, through the use of essential oils.

Embrace the power of essential oils to heal and harmonise your body and mind. 

Discover over 80 essential oils, where they originate from, what fragrances they have, how they work and what you can use them for.

Whether you want to use oils in perfumes, scented candles, diffusers, burners or as massage oils or for bathing, this book will guide you in the right direction.

Learn about:

  • How essential oils work
  • Choosing the right essential oil
  • Storing essential oils
  • How essential oils enter the body
  • Essential oil recipes
  • Healing remedies

“This book really is a great resource for anyone wanting to understand natural medicine and the different ways that essential oils are used. There are tips for your home, health, beauty, and a very descriptive guide about each plant and oil used in these techniques.” - Olivia

“This is an excellent essential oils resource. It provides readers with in depth information on different oils, suggested uses, and even includes recipes and ideas for how to use the different oils in their suggested ways. Truly a great reference book for oil users!” - Victoria

This is a great book. so much helpful info on not only the oils but how they help what region they come from and how to use them effectively. The recipes look good too!” - Corinna



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