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How to Quit Fast Fashion - 100 expert tips for a sustainable wardrobe

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Cheap fashion takes a huge toll on our planet, with 21 billion tonnes of textiles being dumped every year. 

This book contains 100 easy to follow tips to help lessen your clothing’s impact on the environment while making sure you stay fashionable and well dressed. 

Expert advice from author Emma Mathews, founder of ethical brand Socko, will help you make changes to your lifestyle and give you techniques to have a more sustainable yet stylish wardrobe.

Learn about:

  • Upcycling old clothes
  • Shopping more efficiently
  • Making clothes last longer
  • Sustainably keeping up with trends
  • Knowing what clothes labels really mean
  • Rethinking your wardrobe

“An excellent read, full of ideas and tips for a more sustainable approach to fashion but still feeling good about ourselves and understanding our wardrobes better.” - Andrea 

“Lots of valuable information and profound wisdom. Good to dip and to re-dip into.” - James

“A handy book with plenty of helpful tips and tricks to make your wardrobe go further and make you think about your relationship with fashion and consumption. Will be referring to this regularly.” - Charlene



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