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My House Plant Changed my Life - Green Wellbeing for the Great Indoors - David Domoney

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Use the power of houseplants to protect you from the pollution and stresses of modern life. As well as looking beautiful, house plants provide many other benefits to your home.

Everyday products pollute the air in your home but help is at hand from the humble houseplant! 

This book includes 50 life-enhancing houseplants, with scientific research to show how they purify air and improve your mental wellbeing through their colour, scent, habit and nurturing needs. 

Packed with advice to help care for your houseplants, this book will help you re-energise and detoxify your home. 

Learn about:

  • Houseplants for mental wellbeing
  • Houseplants and air quality
  • Engaging kids with houseplants
  • Mood-enhancing plant colours
  • Buying houseplants
  • 50 most life-changing houseplants

“I now know what my plants do to help in the home and how to care for them. I love that it is so easy to follow. I highly recommend this book.” - Nina B

“My Houseplant Changed My Life is a great book for beginning houseplant parents. The book is easy to read and navigate, is full of beautiful photographs and whimsical drawings, and provides enough information about a variety of plants without getting overwhelming. It's a great book that has a lot of great tips and info packed into a single pretty package. It would be a great book to include with a houseplant to gift to a friend.” - K Chan



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