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neat - The Refill Bottle

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Designed to last and not for trash!

A cleaning bottle you don’t throw in the bin or hide under the sink. No more plastic bottles! No more shipping water and no more plastic bottles! Simply fill your neat. refill bottle with 470ml of tap water, add the concentrated refill and shake. 

A light weight and durable aluminium bottle with an industrial quality trigger spray that delivers a great user experience and will stand the test of time. Silicone base for additional durability and comfort.

We love the neat. philosophy to give people simple solutions to help fight the plastic crisis. Neat's founder Irishman Ryan McSorley designed neat. to be both eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing with gorgeous fragrances that we're more used to finding in scented candles and diffusers than in traditional cleaning products. Neat delivers brilliant results with no single-use plastic and without the need to ship unnecessary water (*90% of traditional cleaning products are made up of water).

Materials: Bottle- Aluminium, Spray nozzle- Plastic. Base- Silcione

Dimensions: 245mm x 70mm x 90mm

Care instructions: To clean your refill bottle. Once empty, remove the trigger and rinse with tap water. Fill with clean water and attach the spray nozzle and spray until clean. Empty the bottle and you’re ready to refill.



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