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Its our birthday - one year of Faerly

Its our birthday - one year of Faerly

Hi! 👋 We’re James & Eoin and it’s been a year since our little lockdown project actually became a thing and our baby Faerly was born.

Hi! 👋 We’re James & Eoin and it’s been a year since our little lockdown project actually became a thing and our baby Faerly was born.

Lockdown gave us some space to reflect and time to cultivate a little dream that we’d had for years but life always got in the way. We’d always tell ourselves we’d do it ….someday! And suddenly we had all the time in the world and we started asking ourselves, could we? Could we really do this?

The dream was simple, to create a sustainable business that supports a network of small Irish makers and ethical brands.


Faerly where we started

We started off in the spare bedroom for the first few months and before we knew it every room in our house had become a warehouse, we were packing orders at all hours and balancing growing a new business around two full time jobs. There were plenty of ‘oh sh*t what are we doing?’ moments.

New Faerly HQ

Fast forward to a year later and pinch me but the dream is actually coming true. James has swapped a long commute and corporate life for days working from our dream HQ in our garden with the chickens for company and surrounded by products we love. 💛

James at Faerly

We seem to be doing something right and we’re proud to be finalists for not one but two national awards over the next few weeks, the Pakman Awards for the 'Online Green Packaging Award and for 'New Online Retailer of the Year' in the Retail Excellence awards. 🤞 

But honestly, what we’re most proud of is that thousands of orders later, our customers have overwhelmingly rated us 5-stars. Customer reviews are a buzz for a small business that never gets old! 🤣

It’s been exciting and terrifying in equal measure, and some days the fear wins and self doubt creeps in. Just like having a real baby, I don’t think anything prepares you for what you have to put in. But every day is a new day and we don’t want to look back and think we let fear of failure hold us back from giving it a go.

We owe a lot of thanks, to our family and friends for supporting us in every way possible, and to our wonderful makers who pour their heart and souls into their products and trust us to sell them. But most of all, we owe thanks to our lovely customers for each and every order. You worked hard for your cash and we appreciate you spending it on products that make a difference.

As a little thank you from us for supporting us, take 10% off your next order with code 'BIRTHDAY10' 🙏

Birthday 10% Off