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Marley's Monsters

Marley’s Monsters was born when a mum-to-be Sarah started making eco-friendly essentials herself for her unborn baby Marley. Wanting to help reduce unnecessary waste especially after Marley was born, Sarah started designing everyday products that were environmentally friendly and cost effective, being reusable rather than disposable. Marley’s Monsters design and produce products like facial rounds and UNpaper towels that are extremely well made and functional and come in wonderful fun colours and patterns. Marley’s Monsters focus on making their products reusable and washable which helps to save so much waste, especially for families with children.

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  1. Marley's Monsters Face Cloth Bamboo Washcloths 4-Pack - Marley's Monsters
  2. Marley's Monsters Face Cloth Bamboo Fleece Face Cloth - Marley's Monsters
  3. Marley's Monsters Cloths Rolled UNpaper Towels - 12-Pack Natural Organic - Marley's Monsters
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