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Prioritizing Your Mental Health: Our Favourite Planners and Journals for Self-Care

Prioritizing Your Mental Health: Our Favourite Planners and Journals for Self-Care

Are you looking for a way to find more positivity in your daily life? We've got just the thing for you: a daily gratitude practice! 

Did you know that practicing gratitude on a daily basis can have some pretty amazing benefits? Not only can it improve your overall well-being and happiness, but it can also strengthen relationships, improve physical health, and even increase productivity. 

When you focus on the things you're grateful for, it shifts your focus away from negative thoughts and experiences, helping you to feel more positive and content. Plus, expressing gratitude towards others can also help to strengthen those relationships, as it helps to build trust and appreciation. So if you're looking to improve your overall well-being and happiness, why not try starting a daily gratitude practice? You might be surprised at the impact it can have on your life!

Here are some of our favourite planners and journals to help you cultivate a daily gratitude practice. 


The Sixty Second Journal - Gratitude & Wellness Journal

Find inner peace and improve your mental health with the Sixty Second Journal, a daily gratitude journal.

The Sixty Second Journal is an Irish guided journaling book designed to promote mental health and mindfulness. It is made with FSC certified paper and has a gorgeous cloth bound cover with gold foiling. The journal includes 6 months of undated journaling pages, monthly goal setting and reflection pages, and over 180 inspirational quotes and tips. Each purchase supports the Trees on the Land initiative, which plants native trees in Ireland. The journal is intended to be a simple and easy-to-use tool for anyone looking to improve their mental health and productivity. Read more.

The Anti-Burnout Journal: A 12-week multi-platform wellness planner for self-care and stress relief - Hardcover

Take control of your well-being and banish burnout for good with The Anti-Burnout Journal, a unique and comprehensive tool to help you reclaim your calm.

The Anti-Burnout Journal is a comprehensive tool designed to help anyone combat burnout and reclaim your calm. It is a 12-week journal that can be started at any time and includes weekly lessons and challenges to aid in overcoming burnout. The journal also includes daily and weekly planner pages, habit tracking, gratitude, mood tracking, and intention setting. In addition to traditional pen and paper use, the journal includes access to an online course with over 40 lessons in yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and more. The journal is A5 size and comes with an elastic book band and ribbon bookmark. It is intended to be a multi-platform solution that is suitable for both traditionalists and technology lovers. Read more.

LSW Mind Notes - Undated Wellbeing Journal

Get ready to feel more fulfilled and happy with LSW Mind Notes, a daily journal designed to guide you towards a more fulfilling life! With weekly prompts, tools, and techniques, this journal will help you identify thought and behaviour patterns, practice gratitude, and increase your sense of positivity. You'll find Monday to Friday prompts, inspirational quotes, colouring pages, motivational exercises, coaching techniques, mindfulness techniques, breathing exercises, and positive affirmations to help you focus on you and do more of what makes YOU happy. The journal can be started anytime and has six months of undated pages. It’s the ultimate self-gift for your mental wellbeing. Read more.

Kinshipped 365 Undated Lay Flat Undated Planner

Get organized and stay on track with this gorgeous, undated 365 day planner! With a beautiful eco-foiled cover, available in Kraft Brown or Pitch Black covers. Because it’s undated you can start and stop whenever you want without wasting paper. The planner features weekly overviews, two days per page, and space for daily notes and weekly to-do lists. It's the perfect size at 21x14.7cm. Created by independent designer Kinshipped, this planner makes a beautiful gift for stationery lovers. Start and stop as needed and keep it as long as you like - it's the perfect companion for staying organized and productive. Read more.

LSW Mind Cards - Journal Edition

Get the most out of your journaling practice with this set of journaling cards! The prompts on these cards will help you be more creative in your journaling and guide you on a path of self-development. Simply select a card at random each day and use the prompt to guide your journal entry for the day. Pay attention to any thoughts, feelings, or motivations that come up and keep your journal somewhere easy to access so you can write an entry each day. With 45 prompts in total, these cards will help you focus your writing in a positive and beneficial way. Read more.


LSW Morning Notes - Wellbeing & Gratitude Journal

Win the morning, win the day! Start each day off right with LSW Morning Notes, a 12-week undated daily wellbeing journal designed specifically for use in the morning. This journal will help you begin each day with a positive mindset and identify obstacles that you can turn into opportunities. Instead of grabbing your phone first thing, take control of your day and spend some time in your favourite spot journaling and setting goals in a mindful and meaningful way. Each week features journal prompts, goal setting exercises, monthly reviews, inspirational quotes, coloring pages, gratitude exercises, and three month reviews and gratitude reflections. The journal is A5 sized with 192 pages spanning 3 months. Read more.


Writer's Block - The Tool for Writer's Block - Yellow

Beat writer's block and get your creativity flowing with this limited-edition journal thoughtfully created by award-winning writer Emma Gannon! The journal features a soft waterproof yellow cover with an orange elastic band and scattered exercises to stir your creativity. It has loads of ruled pages for free writing and opens flat thanks to its cold glue binding. Whether you used to enjoy writing for fun as a child but haven't picked up a pencil in years, are experiencing brain fog, or just need a cure for your writer's block, this journal is here to help. It's created in partnership with gorgeous Portuguese minimalist stationery brand mishmash and is available in Emma's signature yellow. Emma Gannon is a Sunday Times bestselling author, speaker, novelist, and host of the no. 1 creative careers podcast in the UK. Read more.

Badly Made Books A5 Notebooks

We also love keeping it really simple for a daily gratitude practice and just use a plain notebook to write down three things we’re grateful for each day, either as they come to mind or at a particular time, like before bed or first thing in the morning.

A Badly Made Books notebook is just the job for this. These eco-friendly notebooks that are anything but badly made! These A5-sized notebooks are made with recycled paper and a paperback cover made from 83% post-consumer waste. The note paper is also 100% recycled, made from used coffee cups, and is tape-bound so it opens flat for ease of use. The notebook also features a pocket in the back and is available with either blank or lined pages. They are made with love in Cork City by founder Seán O’Sullivan and his team, who aim to use as little ink as possible to minimize the environmental impact. So not only are these notebooks good for the planet, they're also a pleasure to write in! Read more.


So, will you start a gratitude journal this year?

Whether you're using a planner or a journal, taking a few minutes each day to reflect on the things you're grateful for can have a huge impact on your mental health and overall well-being. From beautiful designs to inspiring prompts, they will help you focus on the good things in our lives. Good luck!