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The benefits of using a wooden hairbrush or comb

The benefits of using a wooden hairbrush or comb


One of the easiest changes you can make when trying to create a more sustainable hair care routine is switching to a wooden hair brush. Aside from preventing plastic waste, there are various other benefits associated with swapping to this wooden alternative that your hair will thank you for.


Wooden brushes are naturally anti-static

Have you ever noticed that annoying static when brushing your hair with a plastic hair brush? This is because plastic hair brushes increase the electrical charge of your hair (as opposed to wood which has a neutral charge), and hair is left frizzy as a result. When hair becomes frizzy, the hair strand can dry out and become brittle and damaged. Unlike Plastic which creates static, wood has a neutral charge for smoother hair and is very gentle when detangling your air. 



Wooden bristles stimulate hair growth

The wooden bristles of the brush are nice and gentle on the scalp, and can really stimulate hair follicles which will promote new growth. The massaging motion on the scalp also improves the blood circulation allowing hair to grow thicker, faster and healthier. Not only this, the bristles feel blissful as they run smoothly through your scalp and can really help with de-stressing!


Wooden bristles run smoother through knots and tangles in hair

Gentle wooden bristles help prevent hair loss

These bristles are also kinder to knots and tangles in your hair. The fact that they are wide and soft means that they can glide through hair easily with minimal pull and a reduction in breakage and hair loss.


Natural Hair Nourishment

Wooden bristles and combs can help to spread your hair’s natural oils (sebum) more evenly and efficiently down your hair shaft. when compared to plastic. This is a fantastic natural method of conditioning  your hair, keeping it soft, moisturized and shinier.


Fights dandruff naturally

A common cause of dandruff is dry scalp which can be moisturized through the distribution of these natural oils through your hair, and the softer bristles are more gentle on a sensitive scalp. This process will also rid of any dead cells or flakes that may be in your scalp.


Plastic free alternative 

Above all, wooden hair brushes are a brilliant plastic-free alternative made from fully natural and biodegradable materials, as opposed to plastic brushes and combs that contribute so heavily to plastic waste in our oceans and landfills.


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