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Atlantic Aromatics Ginger Organic 5ml

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  • "Ginger organic Madagascar (from fresh root)" 5ml
  • Botanical name:  Zingerber officinales
  • Extraction method:  low temperature, high pressure liquid CO2
  • Part of plant:  rhizome
  • This low temperature extract gives a rich warming oil with all the freshness and pungency of raw ginger

Atlantic Aromatics is family owned and the longest established essential oil company in Ireland. They source their oils directly from small and medium sized organic farmers and distillers around the world. David Kelly and his team specialise in oils that are ethically produced, grown organically or sustainably wild harvested. They are certified by Organic Trust.

Essential oils come in many different grades from and levels of purity. To maintain their high standards Atlantic Aromatics are guided by four key principles since they started in 1984.

  • Purity - All oils that carry the Atlantic Aromatics name have a guarantee of purity. Sourced directly from farmers and distillers or reputable traders in therapeutic oils who share their ethos.
  • Natural Principles - Atlantic Aromatics supply oils derived from plants which are grown as close to nature as possible (preferably in their native regions). They specialise in oils produced from plants grown organically or are sustainably wild harvested. 
  • Aroma - They choose oils with rich, intense aromas which have been skilfully distilled to produce oils that truly represent the plants from which they are derived.
  • Value - Minimal packaging, avoiding as many unnecessary costs as possible. This allows them to supply premium quality oils at reasonable and accessible prices.


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