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Attainable Sustainable: The Lost Art of Self-Reliant Living

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Easy to follow step-by-step instructions and gorgeous illustrations, this book is packed with delicious recipes, natural remedies, gardening tips, crafts, and more.

Whether you live in a city, suburb, or the country, this essential guide for the backyard homesteader will help you achieve a homespun life--from starting your own garden and pickling the food you grow to pressing wildflowers, raising chickens, and creating your own natural cleaning supplies.

Sustainability-guru Kris Bordessa offers DIY lovers an indispensable home reference for sustainability in the 21st century, with tried-and-true advice, 50 enticing recipes, and step-by-step directions for creating easy, cost-efficient projects that will bring out your inner pioneer, including:

  • Delectable recipes for a crusty sourdough baguette, smoky hot sauce, and home preserving
  • Handmade crafts like dyeing fabric, dipping candles, and making your own natural home remedies
  • Outdoor projects like foraging for wild edibles, beekeeping, and cooking in cast iron
  • Essential gardening tips from growing an herb box to cultivating a fruit orchard and natural weed control

Filled with 340 color photographs, this relatable, comprehensive book contains time honored-wisdom and modern know-how for getting back to basics.

“This book is great! We have had this book less than a week and my whole family has been reading it. There are so many great ideas in this book, our “to do” list has grown substantially. My 11 year old daughter has taken particular interest in this book. The fact that it is a book that she can read has been been both educational and motivating. I love the breakdown of sections between food items, cleaning, growing, farming and trekking. Wonderful content. It has started a lot of family conversations this week for things to do. Thank you!” Reader review, Good reads.

“This book is amazing and I recommend it to anyone that is looking to start down the path to sustainable living. This book is very well organized with easily absorbable information. I did not find a single recipe that I felt like I could not follow. I borrowed this from my local library but will be purchasing my own copy for my personal collection since it is a great reference book.”  Reader review, Good reads.

“A must have for anyone striving to live a selfsustainable life. It covers the basic of a great variety of subjects such as; gardening, cooking, canning, fermenting, candlemaking, soapmaking and farming. I really like the attractive design and modern approach to homesteading. The photos throughout the book are of very high quality and the descriptions very easy to follow.” Reader review, Good reads.



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