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Bamboo Charcoal Reusable Period Pad - Bambaw

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These reusable period pads from Bambaw are made for women, by women. These discreet, odour controlling and waterproof sanitary pads are highly absorbent, washable and waterproof. Available in four different sizes for every stage of your period.

  • Charcoal bamboo layer for odour control
  • Reusable and easy to wash
  • Snap on wings
  • Machine washable

The average woman has her period once a month for 40 years of her life, meaning she spends 6.5 years of her life on her period. It’s estimated that the average woman will use over 10,000 disposable menstrual products during her lifetime. Some brands of disposable sanitary pads are made up of 90% plastic, which is about the same amount as four carrier bags. Many products are (incorrectly!) flushed down the toilet so they end up directly in our waterways.

Made from three materials for worry-free periods

Bamboo charcoal fleece: For comfort and odour control and very soft to keep you comfortable night and day.

Microfiber: A highly absorbing material for worry-free periods and peace of kind.

A waterproof layer: A slightly elastic and leak proof layer made of PUL to guarantee leak free periods. PUL is a polyester/polyurethane laminated knit fabric that's waterproof, durable and breathable fabric.

Which pad is right for you?

Light Flow: Pad with one layer of microfibre. These will be able to protect you on the lighter days of your periods or for everyday protection. (19x18.5cm)

Moderate Flow: Pad with two layers of microfibre. They will provide support on the regular flow days of your periods. (24.3x19cm)

Heavy Flow: Pad made with three layers of microfibre for extra protection. They are reliable even on the heaviest days of your periods and during night-time. These larger pads can also work if you experience incontinence or post-partum bleeding. (30.5x17.5cm)

Embrace plastic free periods

    Snap on wings - These reusable pads also have snaps on both wings to make sure it stays in place. The snaps also ensure the fleece layer stays covered when folded, to make for easy, hygienic storage.

    Made by women - for women - Designed and tested by us women, Bambaw’s menstrual pads will provide you the most comfort, discretion and protection. The reusable sanitary towels also include an in-depth digital user manual with tips on how to use and care for them. The manual also shares inspirational tips on how to harness the power of your periods.

    How to use - When the pads are dry place the pad fleece side up, following the line of your underwear. Attach the snaps on the wings underneath so it is secured in place.


    Caring for your reusable period pads

    We recommend that you wash your sanitary pad before using it for the first time.

    RINSE the pads with cold water after using them. Either let them soak in cold water for 30 minutes or rinse them under cold running water. It is best not to use hot water, which could make stains set.

    WASH the sanitary pads by hand or in the washing machine at 40°C. 

    DRY We recommend air drying. These sanitary pads are made from a quickly drying material so they will be dry and usable within a few hours. There is a slight chance that the pads might shrink if dried in the tumble dryer.

    We recommend washing inside a mesh laundry bag so they don't get caught in the door section of the washing machine.




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