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Be More Vegan: The young person's guide to a plant-based lifestyle - Hardcover

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We all want to be a bit more vegan... and this book shows you how. Whether you're ready to commit to a fully plant-based lifestyle or you'd just like to add a few meat-free dishes to your weekly meal plan, this is the ideal guide.  This is a practical cookbook for vegans of any age who are looking for some easy and approachable cooking inspiration.

  • A guide to adding vegan meals to your weekly meal plan or transitioning to a fully plant-based lifestyle
  • Clear and simple explanations of the environmental, health, and animal welfare benefits of going vegan
  • Up-to-date information on vegan ingredients, substitutions, and food hacks
  • Over 50 delicious vegan recipes for every occasion
  • A great resource for young people interested in learning about veganism and making informed decisions.

It explains the reasons behind going vegan, including environmental, health and animal welfare benefits, in clear and simple language that helps young people make up their own minds. It answers all the nagging questions about nutrition and ethics, as well as giving bang-up-to-date information about the best vegan ingredients, substitutions and food hacks.

Best of all, it contains over 50 mouthwatering recipes for every situation, from lunchbox staples to midweek meals, and moreish snacks to amazing cakes and desserts. There's so much to love about the vegan life, so get Be More Vegan and start making a difference in the most delicious way possible!



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