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Bean & Goose 70g Chocolate Bar - 8 Flavour Options

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Handmade in County Wexford each bar is made using sustainably sourced single origin Ecuadorian chocolate and inspired by the flavours, landscape, designers and makers of Ireland.

Choose from a delicious selection of milk and dark chocolate flavoured with luxury toppings.


Milk Chocolate Range

Toasted Sodabread - Crunchy breadcrumbs enveloped in creamy milk chocolate, a taste sensation reminiscent of honeycomb chocolate. A treacle soda bread is slowly roasted to bring out the strong slightly bitter treacle flavour. It is then dried to create a crunchy texture & enveloped in single origin creamy milk chocolate.

Salty Almonds - A Single Origin 40 % milk bar from Ecuador topped with seriously salty whole almonds, hence the name.⁠⠀The almonds are soaked in an Oriel sea salt solution then gently roasted with a light sprinkle of Irish Atlantic Sea Salt for the slightly crispy texture.⁠⠀

Smoky Sea Salt - Smoky & Salty all wrapped up in the smoothest Single Origin milk chocolate from Ecuador.⁠⠀Kiln dried Oriel sea salt is smoked with 90 year old Nicauraguan oak kegs freshly emptied from handcrafted Teeling Irish whiskey to create this incredible powerhouse of flavour.⁠⠀

Sweet & Spicy Hazelnuts - Notes of chili & dark chocolate offset by sweet honey & smooth hazelnuts. Nibbed hazelnuts are toasted with warming spices and sweet 100% Irish honey from Wexford's very own Tara Hill Honey is generously sprinkled on top of Single Origin dark chocolate.⁠⠀


Dark Chocolate Range

Zesty Cardamom & Coffee  Inspired by travel & experiencing the unforgettable aromatic taste of bitter coffee paired with citrus & spice. Single estate Nicaraguan coffee is blended with a hint of freshly ground cardamom to heighten it's bright & citrusy flavour before adding it to our dark Ecuadorian chocolate.

Spicy HazelnutsDark chocolate paired with chilli, hazelnuts and sweet & sticky honey.⁠⠀Nibbed hazelnuts are toasted in a warming mix of spices and 100% Irish Honey then generously laden atop smooth single origin dark chocolate.⁠⠀

Sour Cherry Orchard - Whole organic sour cherries are infused in High Bank Orchard's Organic Balsamic Cider Vinegar with Wild Mother and topped on Single Origin dark chocolate from Ecuador.⁠ Beware, it's addictive!⁠

Unami Seaweed - The ultimate salty chocolate bar.⁠⠀Salty, Sweet & Savoury in one bite.⁠⠀Single Origin dark chocolate from Ecuador is infused with a delicious combination of Achill Island Sea Salt and organic Connemara Seaweed. 
A bar truly inspired by the island of Ireland.⁠⠀


Why we love Bean and Goose

The founders and chocolatiers of Bean and Goose are sisters Karen and Natalie Keane who make their wonderful chocolate at Last Tree Farm based in the Wexford countryside. Bean and Goose chocolate combines the complex and rich flavours of single origin chocolate with flavours and ingredients that reflect and celebrate the Irish seasons. 

Sustainability is at the fore front of Bean and Goose who partner with ‘bean to bar’ organic producer Original Beans to pay above fair-trade prices that are stable and protected from market fluctuations to farmers. This security means that farmers can focus on growing the best quality cocoa and has noticeably improved the income of 6,731 farm families while helping to protect the environment around them.  Bean and Goose never have and never will use palm oil in any of their products and plant a tree for every bar.

And if that wasn’t enough reasons to love Bean and Goose, the taste is out of this world, it is hands down the nicest chocolate we’ve ever tasted.

Each bar weighs 70g and is made in Ireland. 



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