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Coffee Lovers Gift Box

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Fixing the problems of bad coffee, single use cups and plastic bags in one super stylish gift box. This sustainable set includes a bag of premium specialty coffee, ethically sourced from Honduras and roasted by hand in Co. Kildare. We've paired it with our favorite coffee travel cup - the clever Stojo cup made from sustainable silicone that folds up to pop in your pocket or better yet into a stylish string bag from Turtle bags. 

Each Box Contains:

  • PS Coffee Roasters Coffee Beans 250g
  • Stojo Collapsible Cup
  • Turtle Bag String Bag

PS Coffee Roasters are a team of two brothers Peter and Simon with a passion for coffee, people and the environment. They only source ethically produced specialty grade coffee that they carefully select and roast. PS Coffee is roasted right here in our home town of Kilcullen. Their 100% compostable and biodegradable coffee bag is a first for Ireland. 

PS C Coffee Roasters - Honduras - Gloria Esperanza - 250g

Organic espresso coffee with notes of nougat, vanilla and rosewater.

There's a great story behind this coffee. Firstly, its from a small family owned and run farm in Honduras. Gloria's husband used to run the farm until he badly hurt his back. Gloria was faced with taking over the running of the farm despite not knowing much about soil management. She found it very difficult and was unable to produce one exportable bag and almost gave up coffee. With a bit of help from an Agronomy Project run by Falcon Specialty where they were able to help her produce a total of 18 bags of coffee. They also managed to improve the quality of her coffee by a staggering 9 points and is now receiving 167% more for her coffee too.  Gloria has gained inspiration from her training and is now educating others on how to farm using organic methods which includes how to prepare organic fertiliser. 


Stojo Collapsible Travel Cup

The reusable, collapsible cup that allows you to enjoy your favourite beverages anywhere, anytime. Once you finish your drink, simply collapse the cup and pop it in your bag or pocket.  No need to use disposable cups ever again.


Turtle Bags - Short Handled String Bag

Turtle bags were originally inspired by the plight of the turtle who mistake plastic bags as a food source, but the impact of plastic bags on the environment goes much further... Say no to plastic bags and help stop the plastic pollution with these 100% organic cotton string bags. Turtle Bags work with fair trade partners who share their environmental values to supply environmentally friendly bags.




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