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Compostable Waste Bags 60L - 1 Roll of 10 Bags

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Introducing the Eco Green Living Compostable Bin Liners - the perfect solution for anyone who wants to reduce their waste and be more eco-friendly. Say goodbye to single-use plastic bags and hello to these biodegradable bin liners made from corn starch, which will break down in just a matter of months.

  • Biodegradable and certified compostable
  • Extra Heavy Duty for heavy trash
  • Made from corn starch
  • Fits Most Bins including tall slim kitchen bins.
  • Suitable for industrial and home composting

Made from corn starch, these  bin liners are certified compostable to ASTM D6400 standard and contain no microplastics.  They are suitable for both commercial and home composting. 

These extra heavy duty bags are strong and lightweight. The 25 microns thick durable bags are perfect for holding heavy trash.

Our bin liners measure 114cm around and 87cm long, and are suitable for bins of sizes 30L, 40L, and 60L. One roll contains 10 bags, and the flat top and bottom design makes them easy to use and store.

Eco Green Living are passionate about making a positive impact on the environment and reducing waste. Their products are designed to replace everyday items that are frequently disposed of. Eco Green Living believe that small measures can create change and make a positive impact on the environment. 

These biodegradable bin liners offer a sustainable solution for managing household waste. Whether you're at home or in a business setting, these bin liners provide a convenient way to reduce your waste without sacrificing durability. They are designed to be used just like traditional plastic bags, but with the added bonus of being compostable.

In a world where non-biodegradable waste is a growing concern, it's more important than ever to take steps to reduce our impact on the environment. By choosing Eco Green Living Compostable Bin Liners, you can help to make a positive difference, one bin liner at a time.



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