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Design a Healthy Home - 100 ways to transform your space for physical & mental wellbeing - Oliver Heath

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Learn how to transform your home to create a restorative and nurturing environment, using the latest evidence and research in wellbeing and Biophilic Design. 

100 stylish, fun and affordable ideas to help make your home a sanctuary, from sustainability architect and author Oliver Heath. 

Discover the many benefits of connecting to nature, improving air quality, maximising natural light, and the right ways to add colour and patterns to create spaces to improve relaxation, recuperation and sleep. 

Learn about:

  • Colour schemes
  • Using patterns in the right places
  • Connecting with nature through materials
  • Creating mindful moments
  • Focal points
  • Choosing natural and eco paints
  • Non-toxic cleaning products

“This book is extremely interesting and presents ideas in an accessible way. The chapters are laid out in such a clear and concise manner that makes it easy for a reader to jump to topics of particular interest to them. If you want to have a healthier home and thus better physical and mental wellbeing I highly recommend this informative book.”

“I learnt a lot about how much a space can affect your mood, and how zoning is particularly important. So, having a dedicated space for work and for relaxing and having a colour scheme that can boost these. I would definitely recommend this book, for those wanting to change up their home design and create a safe space for your well-being.” - E.P.



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