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Eco Egg - Dryer Egg Refills - Fresh Linen

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When the fragrance from your Ecoegg Dryer Eggs is finished don’t throw it away – reuse and refill with a new pack of Dryer Egg Fragrance Sticks.

  • Replacement soft cotton fragrance sticks for your Ecoegg Dryer Eggs
  • Gently fragrance your clothes in the tumble dryer – lasts for 40 dries
  • Hypoallergenic, great for people with sensitive skin
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No need for fabric softener

  • Unlike traditional tumble drying devices, our Ecoegg Dryer Eggs contain a hidden gem in the shape of a unique hypoallergenic fragrance stick infused with essential oil that fragrance your clothes in the dryer. The Dryers Eggs leave your clothes smelling gorgeous and baby soft and are great for sensitive skin. When your Dryer Egg Fragrance Sticks are finished, these replacements will give you another 40 dries, continuing to fragrance your clothes with no harsh chemicals in sight.

    Contains: 4 x fragrance sticks for use with your Ecoegg Dryer Eggs, that’s enough for 40 dries.

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