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Extra Rough Volcanic Foot Stone - Pedicure Pumice Scrub

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This natural lava pumice foot stone is for anyone who wants softer, smoother feet, with an extra rough scrubbing surface for dry or calloused feet. Simply rub your foot stone across your foot in the bath or with your feet gently soaked in lukewarm water. The foot stone will work with your feet to remove dry skin and dead skin cells to leave your feet noticeably smoother. 

  • Natural earth-formed volcanic lava pumice stone
  • Large size, easy to hold
  • Includes hanging rope
  • Reusable - never loses its shape

This natural pumice stone has a super rough surface, which make a terrific remover of surface dead skins cells. It softens callus and still retains its roughness use after use. 

Natural pumice stone has a super porous surface that allows you to better slough off dead skins cells and smoothing calluses, faster and easier than ever before.

Due to the nature of the foot pumice, new unused stone will contain some residual dust. Rinse and soak stone thoroughly before first use. Do not use dry. Wet the stone and use on wet feet. Finish with a foot cream with socks for optimal result. 

Gently rub on rough areas on foot and let the exfoliating stone slough off the dead skin. Do not overuse.

Size: 100mm x 60mm

Responsibly made in China.



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