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Get a Grip - Cleaning & Laundry Starter Kit - EcoVibe

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Getting started on your eco-cleaning journey has never been so easy than with our specially curated cleaning bundles. With each bundle you can get everything you need to get started – whether you are looking for a simple switch kit, a general sustainable cleaning starter kit or room specific cleaning supplies – we have something for you.

This kit is the perfect introduction to eco-cleaning.

Forget lugging heavy cleaning products back home, and get them delivered!

  • Perfect cleaning starter kit
  • Bathroom & kitchen, & laundry all in one
  • Glass bottles you can refill over and over
  • Antibac refill drops to fill up your bottles - just drop, shake, and clean!
  • Incredible scents
  • Free Tony's Chocolonely Choco bar in every kit!
  • Scan our box for some tunes to make the chore much more fun!

Our laundry detergent strips are pretty revolutionary - detergent without the liquid! Made from an ultra-concentrated and eco-friendly cleaning powder squeezed into one strip. 

Remove the toughest of stains, restore radiant whites, and smell pretty great too...Just toss into your washer with your next load to clean in hot or cold water.

Think you need harsh products to clean your kitchen and bathroom? Not here! Our cleaning refill drops are the non-toxic alternative to harsh chemicals, with no compromise on quality, they will leave surfaces sparkling and free from germs. Scented with coconut & lime for your kitchen and ylang ylang for the bathroom.

Our refills are made in the UK, so they have a super low carbon footprint! They're 100% plastic-free and vegan. Once dissolved they biodegrade in just a couple of weeks, leaving no microplastics.


    Our laundry strips and refill drops have absolutely no plastic in them at all, and the packaging is also 100% compostable. They have a 94% lower carbon footprint than liquid and powder products!

    The majority of cleaning products come in plastic bottles, and only 10% of the plastic we throw away actually gets recycled. 

    All you need is a bottle, a refill drop, and water! This way you're reducing your plastic consumption, with no compromise on quality. The best part? Our products contain no harsh ingredients, and when the solution is formed, has a shelf life of a year!


    • 2X Kitchen cleaner refill drop
    • 2X Bathroom cleaner refill drop
    • 2X Glass bottles for life
    • 32X Laundry detergent strips
    • Labels to stick on your bottles
    • Information leaflet to answer all your questions!
    • Recyclable box


    It's as easy as 1-2-3!

    Laundry Strips:

    1. Remove a strip from the packet - 1 strip per load of laundry

    2. Place the strip in the washing machine drum, along with your laundry load

    3. Start a wash cycle - it's as simple as that!

    Cleaning Refill Drops:

    1. Drop into your bottle of choice

    2. Fill the bottle with lukewarm water (your instructions label will tell you how much)

    3. Give the bottle a shake, and you're good to go!



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