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Ground - Essential Oil Roll On with Sandalwood & Frankincense - Yoganda

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This grounding essential oil roll-on brings us into the moment and grounds us with the rich aroma of Sandalwood, Frankincense, Vetiver, Lavender and Myrrh.

  • Handmade in Dublin
  • 100% vegan
  • Packed in recyclable glass bottle
  • 'Free From' Skincare Awards Finalists 2021

Sandalwood helps us be more mindful and Vetiver is effective for grounding and Self-work

Applying this oil to pulse-points has an instantly calming effect on mind and body – alleviating any symptoms of stress (when you roll on your temples, you may actually feel tension headaches dissolve).

"I love the subtle masculinity of this fragrance. I bought this for a friend and he said, of wearing it, "I feel like a gypsy scented in the finest from the Silk Road somewhere in deepest Karakorum come to sell my wares." Lol. Spot on."  Dai. 

 "It is so grounding and very relaxing" Erika M.

How to Use

Apply directly to pulse points and temples as mood-managing mindful fragrance 

  • To feel calmer and more grounded 
  • For daily mindfulness
  • To still your mind for meditation or deeper rest 
  • To relieve headaches and migraines 
  • To bring a deeper dimension to yoga practice
  • To set intention, goals, focus, deep dharma work 
  • As a calming, immune-boosting unique daily fragrance 
  • This oil has an affinity with the Muladhara (base) chakra, though the vetiver ensures that it will help balance all the chakras
  • This oil comes with the mantra: apanam dhehi (may the downward moving energy be nourished)

Yoganda blends are created by Sinead, an aromatherapist, yoga and mindfulness teacher from Dublin who has made it her life’s passion to promote the use of herbs and plants for wellbeing 

100% Natural and Vegan Ingredients: Coconut oil (capric triglyceride), Cedarwood oil (cedrus atlantica bark), Sandalwood oil (santalum spicatum), Frankincense (boswellia carterii oil), Lavender oil (lavendula angustifolia)**, Myrrh oil (commiphora myrrha), Vetiver oil (vetivera zizanoides root)**, Black Pepper (piper negrum seed), Vitamin E (tocopherol), limonene*, linalool*, farnesol*, geraniol* And Absolutely Nothing Else!

For external use only. not suitable for pregnancy. best use within 6 months. 10mls/.34oz




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