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Harry's Nut Butter 330g - Pure Peanut

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You might know Harry’s Nut Butter from our spicy, salty, and sweet renditions but it all starts with Pure Peanut. A smooth, freshly milled peanut butter made by us with a workhorse of a machine we bought on Alibaba. It’s just peanuts, sea salt and a teeny tiny touch of agave. It’s perfect drizzled over your porridge, go on and mix it up in your home baking or a classic satay.

Harry’s Nut Butter started out life as the house nut butter in The Fumbally café in Dublin 8. Harry has worked there since 2015 as a cook, tipping away in the kitchen, doing the odd workshop, organising catering events and working on tonnes of different food projects. In that time, he came up with the original Harry’s Nut Butter. It’s a peanut butter that’s slightly sweet, kind of salty, a little bit spicy and incredible on toast, drizzled over roast veg or even blitzed into a soup.

Ingredients: Peanuts, Salt, Agave Syrup

*Contains Allergens



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