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Irish WildFlower Seed Bombs 5 Pack

  • €4.99
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These Seed Bombs are one of the easiest, most effective ways to restore native wildflowers in our green spaces and support our bees, butterflies, birds, moths and other pollinators.

  • Handrolled in Co. Meath
  • Contains only Irish native wildflowers and zero grasses
  • Harvested from Wildflowers grown in glyphosate-free soil 
  • Recyclable cardboard packaging

These all-natural, biodegradable seed bombs can be thrown into any area of bare soil. Three to four weeks later with a little kick-start of rainfall from mother Nature, the first
flower seedlings will work their way out through the seed bomb and root into the earth below.

The best time to plant is Spring and Autumn, but all year round is ok because the clay will protect the seeds until conditions are right for germination.

Faerly seed bombs are hand rolled in County Meath from chemical free soil and loaded with 28 native Irish wildflowers.



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