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Living Plantfully : Your Guide to Growing, Cooking and Living a Healthy, Happy & Sustainable Plant-based Life

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Ideas, recipes and simple tips that anyone can do to help live a more plant-based, healthy, happy and sustainable life.

Providing a positive, practical and holistic approach to putting plants at the heart and centre of the way you live and eat, this book takes you on a life-enhancing journey with brilliant ideas and fun projects to try. From eating a more vibrant diet, to natural self-care or enjoying mindful moments in the wild, discover how plants can help you become your happiest, healthiest self.

Living Plantfully is about life without labels. It’s not about going vegetarian or vegan overnight, but a gentle way of harnessing plant powers to improve your wellbeing and that of the planet, by making small changes at a pace that suits you. Featuring contributions by experts including nutritionists, foodies, gardeners and environmental change-makers, Living Plantfully features evidence-based advice, inspiration, recipes and simple ‘how-to’s’ that will help you to embrace a flexible, plant-centred lifestyle.

Lindsey Harrad is the former editor of Vegetarian Living magazine, and over the last 20 years she has enjoyed meeting and talking to many champions of food, wellness and eco-friendly living. She is currently completing her training to become a nutritional therapist. 

'A font of information for anyone wanting to live and eat more mindfully and sustainably' Anna Jones, Cook and Author

Lindsey Harrad is the former editor of the UK's bestselling and award-winning vegetarian magazine. In Living Plantfully, she gathers together all the wellness wisdom she has acquired over 20 years of journalistic experience, as well as drawing on the advice and experience of trusted experts in food, health, gardening and sustainability to offer ideas, recipes and simple tips that anyone can do to help live a more plant-based, healthy and happy life.

Broken into three sections; growing, cooking and living, Living Plantfully, is not only a useful guide but also an inspirational journey, combining accessible evidence-based facts with practical, step-by-step ideas that will empower anyone to make changes in their homes and lives. Weaving in colourful facts and figures with the voices of relevant experts – including chefs and nutritionists, wellness experts, bloggers and sustainability heroes – along with plenty of quick-read box outs, clever tips and little nuggets of plant-based wisdom, this will be an informed but accessible guide that explores both why and how to embrace a more sustainable, plant-centred way of eating and living.

Living more plantfully will help you save money, be healthier, live longer, connect with nature, all while being more socially responsible.

About the author

Lindsey Harrad is an editor and writer with over two decades of experience in the food, wellness, and lifestyle industries. She has worked as lead feature writer and managing editor at Vegetarian Living magazine, a UK-based national publication focusing on plant-based eating and healthy lifestyles. In addition to writing and editing for a variety of national publications, Lindsey has gained extensive knowledge and connections in the food and wellness sectors. She has personal and professional experience in thriving on a plant-based lifestyle and enjoys presenting evidence-based information in an accessible and empowering way. Lindsey is currently working towards a Level 4 RSPH Advanced Nutrition Diploma to qualify as a nutritional therapist, with a particular interest in plant-rich diets. In her free time, she enjoys outdoor adventures and spending time with her family.



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