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Minimalist Magnetic Soap Holder - Pack of 3

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Minimalist, practical and aesthetic, this magnetic soap holder is THE solution for keeping all your soaps and shampoo bars in your bathroom clean and long-lasting.

  • Install on any smooth surface
  • Sticks to tiles, porcelain, glass, stainless steel.
  • Strong yet tiny suction cup - only 34mm wide
  • Suction cup sticks to all smooth surfaces - 
  • Holds soaps up to 150g in any position
  • Strong magnet for firm hold
  • Always removable and re-attachable
  • No drilling, gluing, always clean
  • Made in France

This innovative soap holder can be fixed to any smooth surface thanks to its magnetic suction cup so your soaps and shampoo bars dry completely and quickly between use for a longer life and no mess.

More space on your sink, avoid message soap dishes. Soap dries out between uses with no mess and no more soggy soaps. When your soap reaches the end of its life just remove the end of the sop and pop it in a soap saver bag - a great way to use up slips of soap.

Minimalist and discreet design and packaged in a recyclable paper box made of 96% recycled paper and 4% grass.


How to use

  1. Press the stainless steel plate teeth-first insto the soap. For very hard soaps, soften on a wet sponge first, and smooth the soap around the plate.
  2. Let it dry for 8 hours before first use
  3. Attached the suction cup to any smooth, clean and dry surface. You can place it on any surface of your choice (glass, mirror, smooth tiles, sink).
  4. Attach the soap to the suction cup using the magnet. Tilt/slide to remove soap from the magnet, rather than pulling it directly forward.

Precautions for use

  • Regularly clean the suction cup and the magnet part with clean water and allow them to dry to prevent the build-up of residues that could damage the magnet.
  • Avoid using a metal tool to handle the accessory (tweezers, etc.) to avoid rusting.
  • As the magnet is powerful, remember to keep it away from electronic objects.
  • Maximum weight supported by the soap dish is 150g
  • Warning: keep out of reach of children.

Materials: Made from stainless steel, a magnet and a plastic suction cup. The magnet is neodymium with rustproof epoxy sealing and the suction cup is soft PVC with no phthalates. Dimensions: suction cup: 3.5 x 1.5, capsule dimensions: 2.2 x 0.5. Net weight: 12g.



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