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Organic Bamboo Pads - Ultra-thin with Wings - Grace & Green

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These 100% organic bamboo pads protect your body and the planet. Softer and easier on the skin, Grace & Green bamboo pads are silky soft, offering you ultra-protection, whilst being incredibly comfortable.

  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin
  • Cruelty-free, vegan, human tested and approved
  • Maximum breathability and airflow
  • Individually wrapped in biodegradable plant starch wraps
  • Super soft for maximum comfort

100% ORGANIC BAMBOO - Oeko-Tex certified with no use of toxic materials, pesticides or fertilisers. Our Bamboo is selected responsibly, safely grown without the usage of toxic pesticides and synthetic chemicals. The bamboo used is different to the type that pandas eat!

SUPER SOFT -Softer and easier on the skin, our bamboo pads are silky soft, offering you ultra-protection, whilst being incredibly comfortable

HYPOALLERGENIC FOR SENSITIVE SKIN -Non-irritating & suitable for sensitive skin. Naturally soft and gentle, our organic cotton period products are hypoallergenic, pH neutral and perfect for sensitive skin. Pure and breathable, they support your skin’s natural pH balance and reduce the risk of any irritations and allergies.

MAXIMUM BREATHABILITY AND AIRFLOW - Hypoallergenic and breathable sheets that allow you to stay confident all day long. Prevents unpleasant odour from seeping through. Breathable without any leakages. Non-irritating formula, great for sensitive skin. These lightweight absorbent liners are made from 100% organic cotton. It’s so soft and breathable you’ll probably forget it’s even there!

WHY BAMBOO? Bamboo is a ‘superplant’ that can grow an astonishing 3ft a day, that’s 30 X faster than trees! Bamboo absorbs 30% C02 and releases 30% more oxygen than hardwood trees. This completely self-generating grass requires no pesticides or fertilisers and needs 30% less water to grow than trees. Within only 3-5 years, bamboo is ready to be harvested, compared to regular hardwood trees, which can take anywhere between 35-60 years! 6 months of harvesting, new bamboo is already regrowing and maturing, unlike hardwood trees, which take much longer for the ground to restore.

Grace & Green was founded to combat the harmful waste from disposable period products.  Grace & Green have created plastic-free, ethical and eco-friendly tampons, liners and menstrual pads that biodegrade at the same rate as an orange peel. Their range is made from 100% organic cotton or bamboo, recycled paper and plant-based materials. 



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