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PS Coffee Roasters Coffee 250g

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PS Coffee Roasters are a team of two brothers Peter and Simon with a passion for coffee, people and the environment. They only source ethically produced specialty grade coffee that they carefully select and roast. PS Coffee is roasted right here in our home town of Kilcullen. Their 100% compostable and biodegradable coffee bag is a first for Ireland. 

  • The finest ethically-sourced coffee
  • Roasted by hand in Co. Kildare
  • 100% compostable packaging
  • Winner of Gold Standard Going Plastic Free Award 2920


Bolivia - Caranavi

Espresso coffee with notes of vanilla with a milky body

Bolivia has an interesting coffee history and although it was exporting close to 85,000 bags in the early 2000, Bolivian coffees almost disappeared at the end of the last decade. In 2017, only 20,000 bags were exported. A tiny portion of these were sold as Specialty grade.

The reasons for this are multiple but the main one was the coffee rust that hit the coffee regions very hard and decimated many farms. After that big loss, and after the decision of the government to allow the production of coca in some districts of Bolivia, many producers decide to start growing coca leaves (the base ingredient in the preparation of cocaine) instead of coffee. Coca is a lot more profitable than coffee per hectare and you can harvest it about 5 times a year which gives income to the producers and their family throughout the year.

A lot of the coffee in the country has been traditionally grown under organic conditions. However, the lack of knowledge and training led to farms that look completely more like forest with coffee trees that carry very few leaves and even less cherries. Many of the producers think that organic farming means: not to do anything in your parcel than harvesting. That also contributed to the big drop in production.
It’s therefore very difficult to find Specialty coffees from Bolivia these days.


Honduras - Gloria Esperanza

Organic espresso coffee with notes of nougat, vanilla and rosewater.

Great story behind this coffee. Firstly, its from a small family owned and run farm. Gloria's husband used to run the farm until he badly hurt his back. Gloria was faced with taking over the running of the farm despite not knowing much about soil management. She found it very difficult and was unable to produce one exportable bag and almost gave up coffee. With a bit of help from an Agronomy Project run by Falcon Speciality where they were able to help her produce a total of 18 bags of coffee. They also managed to improve the quality of her coffee by a staggering 9 points and is now receiving 167% more for her coffee too. 

Gloria has gained inspiration from her training and is now educating others on how to farm using organic methods which includes how to prepare organic fertiliser. 


Guatemala - La Esperanza

Espresso coffee with sweet notes of caramel and apple.

This makes a super smooth, sweet and easy to drink espresso. 

This coffee is sourced through Coffee Bird, a family owned and women-led company who are very transparent in what they do. We really like what they've done on even the smaller things like using recycled denim to package their coffee. They pay 37% more than the industry average in Guatemala and are purely focused on the Guatemalan coffee industry. 





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