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Safety Razor Shaving Brush - Bambaw

  • €24.50
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Treat your skin and be kind to the planet  with this vegan shaving brush. Experience the pleasures of smooth and sustainable shaving without ingrown hair nor irritation.

  • Cruelty free vegan bristles
  • Long lasting aluminium handle
  • User manual included
  • Lifetime warranty



The bristles are made from 100% vegan-friendly synthetic bristles, that air dry quickly which minimizes bacterial growth and whips up a rich, smooth lather giving you a really close shave every time.



Using a quality shaving brush will exfoliate the skin whilst applying product, softens your stubble to give a fantastically smooth shave whilst reducing shave rash and razor burn. This high bristle-count synthetic shaving brush achieves a much smoother shave, avoiding any irritation. Using the brush in a circular motion lifts and softens the hair while scrubbing away dirt, dust, and dead skin cells. This gives you the the smoothest shave whilst reducing ingrown hair, shaving rash and razor burns.


The aluminium handle offers a tight grip and is crafted to last a lifetime. Like the Bambaw safety razors, these shaving brushes are guaranteed to last a lifetime. The metal handle is here to stay, and the high-quality synthetic bristles won’t fall off. You can buy with confidence knowing Bambaw stands behind its quality with a solid warranty. 



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