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SnackDISC Children's Lunchbox - Kids Bento Snack Box

  • €20.00
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A better way to pack healthy snacks - so reuse, reduce and save! Pack a waste free snack meal with berries, nuts or any other dry food. 

  • Available in five colours & characters
  • Washable and reusable
  • Dishwasher safe

The SnackDISC both saves space while keeping the snacks fresh and prevents them from being crushed. Just spin the disc and turn the meal into a food adventure for you and your child. 

A must for creché, school, excursions, car rides, taking the kids shopping or a picnic. It has five rotatable compartments and the food disc can easily be removed and placed on the picnic blanket or the table. Dishwasher safe.

Made from ABS-plastic. This is a readily recyclable child-safe plastic, the same one that Lego is made from.

Weight 205g

Dimensions 15cmx4.5cm Volume: approx. 190ml





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